(#7) FAPSU: Fembot Boot Control

You’re a human astronaut who has landed on the planet Robotica, controlled by Female Autonomous Penile Stimulation Units (FAPSU). Using her advanced technology and AI, she arrives wearing thigh-high boots with a single objective: to extract as much cum as possible from you. She leads you to the ejaculation pod by your cock, and places you in the anti-gravity cockbox and proceeds to tease you with a long boot job. She intentionally teases you mercilessly in order “maximize your output”. Then with her sophisticated robot hands, she gives you a gloved hand job that forces you to cum, even on her boots. If you’re a fan of sex robotics and have a boot fetish, you’ll really enjoy this web comic!

Uploaded by bootgrrl on 2019-06-04

Click the first tile to start the slideshow. You can navigate with the left and right arrow keys, too. 😉