FAPSU: Fembot Boot Control

You’re a human astronaut who has landed on the planet Robotica, controlled by Female Autonomous Penile Stimulation Units (FAPSU). Using her advanced technology and AI, she arrives wearing thigh-high boots with a single objective: to extract as much cum as possible from you. She leads you to the ejaculation pod by your cock, and places you in the anti-gravity cockbox and proceeds to tease you with a long boot job. She intentionally teases you mercilessly in order “maximize your output”. Then with her sophisticated robot hands, she gives you a gloved hand job that forces you to cum, even on her boots. If you’re a fan of sex robotics and have a boot fetish, you’ll really enjoy this web comic!

Hot Teacher Boot Tease

Miss Cuissarde is a high school teacher with a love for boots, which she displays along the walls of her classroom. She discovers that her male student in detention has a fetish for boots. Dressed in white lace-up stiletto THBs and a micro mini skirt without panties, she decides to take him under her wing, or boots as it may be. She introduces him to his very first boot job, seductively stroking his cock and stepping on his balls with her super sexy boots. She is overcome with lust, so she mounts his cock on the floor and rides him cowgirl-style until she cums, all the time keeping him from shooting in her pussy. She then takes him to a chair, and strokes his cock with her leather gloved hands, until he can no longer resist and shoots a huge load of cum all over her boots. Miss Cuissarde informs him that his lesson isn’t done, and that he should return the next day. 54 images of booted bliss.

Dr. Bootlove cures your boot fetish

Dr. Bootlove uses her sexy white boots to cure your boot fetish.

Forced to cum on beige OTKs

I’ll squeeze every drop of cum onto my new beige OTK boots. Ready, boot slafe?

Forced to cum twice

Get into some sticky POV boot action with the new waifu!

Waifu Black THB Boot Tease

Finally after over a year, I added some new content! I hope you enjoy it!

An older photoset (c. 2010)

Yes, we found an old set in the attic and dusted it off. We’re not including it as an “issue”, since we didn’t specifically make this for Bootopia. I guess it’s a way to add some new content to the site, while I try to untangle the spaghetti that comprises WordPress.

Seed Money – Issue #1

Cheri’s boss is being a prick and holding back the startup money he promised her. Knowing what a boot pervert he is, she teases him with her boots and starts giving him a bootjob. There’s just one catch…

Read the rest of our kickoff issue, Seed Money.