Hot Teacher Boot Tease

Miss Cuissarde is a high school teacher with a love for boots, which she displays along the walls of her classroom. She discovers that her male student in detention has a fetish for boots. Dressed in white lace-up stiletto THBs and a micro mini skirt without panties, she decides to take him under her wing, or boots as it may be. She introduces him to his very first boot job, seductively stroking his cock and stepping on his balls with her super sexy boots. She is overcome with lust, so she mounts his cock on the floor and rides him cowgirl-style until she cums, all the time keeping him from shooting in her pussy. She then takes him to a chair, and strokes his cock with her leather gloved hands, until he can no longer resist and shoots a huge load of cum all over her boots. Miss Cuissarde informs him that his lesson isn’t done, and that he should return the next day. 54 images of booted bliss.